House Green Salad

    • 2.95

Lettuce with carrot and our house ginger dressing.  

Noodle Salad

    • 3.50

Noodle With Squid Salad

    • 5.25

Bean thread noodles with cucumbers and carrots, served in a creamy sauce with squid.  

Seaweed Salad

    • 4.50

Fresh seaweed marinated with Japanese spices.  

Crab Sunomono

    • 4.95

Surimi crab stick marinated cucumber salad.  

Octopus Sunomono

    • 4.95

Boiled octopus with cucumber salad.  

Squid Salad

    • 5.25

Slices of marinated squid with cucumber salad.  

Snowcrab Salad

    • 4.95

Surimi snow crab with slice avocado.  

Hiya Yakko

    • 4.25

Tofu with ginger soy and green onion.  

Gama Miso Tomato

    • 4.95

Slice of fresh tomato with sesame miso dressing.  

White Fish Salad

    • 5.50

Lightly fried white fish with cucumber & bonito flakes.    

Salmon Skin Salad

    • 5.50

Baked salmon skin with cucumber.  

Una Tama Salad

    • 4.95

Baked eel with tamago egg w/ cucumber salad.  

Su-Miso Mussel

    • 4.95

Green mussel with cucumber miso.    

Seafood Salad

    • 9.95

Chef's choice of sashimi & spring mix salad with ginger dressing, topped with smelt roe caviar.  


    • 9.95

Spicy sashimi salad with ponzu sauve & assorted spices.  

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